Landscape Lighting Company in Westlake

An enchanted garden is the stuff of dreams for many a homeowner. But this does not have to remain an elusive element to your property in Westlake with Budget Lightscapes on your case.

Our experienced contractors thoroughly consult and confer with every client to understand their concepts. They immerse themselves in the designated space to identify how best to craft a skillfully illuminated retreat that the client will enjoy their entire lives. Our extensive experience in the design and installation of landscape lighting comes through in spectacular outdoor spaces that our clients and their visitors rave about for years to come.

Budget Lightscapes has been an established provider of stellar landscape lighting services to residential and commercial customers in Westlake. If you are looking to get your landscape lit up into a dreamscape, look no further! Phone us (216) 406-1900 to get started on your project right away!

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Top-Notch Landscape Lighting Services for Every Requirement

Budget Lightscapes’s design and installation team is adept at transforming your exteriors into a sanctuary you will not want to leave, no matter the size or scope of your project. We use a wide array of sizes, types and finishes in lighting fixtures, such as LED lighting and low-voltage lighting, to make your green-scape come to life with energy-efficient products and cost-effective methods. Some options in landscape lighting that we apply include:

  • Path lighting: The paths and walkways on your property need not be dark and dreary and repel the onlooker. With our custom path lighting, your walkways will be lit up to make your yards elegant and inviting
  • Up-lighting: Your trees and shrubs lose their appeal at night when the sun isn’t shining down on them. Our up-lighting system is dedicated to bringing out their beauty in the dark and making your landscape shine bright
  • Decks, patio and pool lighting: Our task lighting features can illuminate specific areas in your outdoors like your decks, patios and pools, including railings as well as seating areas to create a welcoming outdoor living space that you can enjoy any time of the day
  • Architectural lighting: The beauty of your property’s exteriors is to be admired throughout the day. When the sun sets, let our lighting shine on your pergola, gazebo, trellis or decorative wall to bring a sense of enchantment to your abode.

Light Up Your Landscape with Budget Lightscapes

From installation of elemental fixtures to light up your walkways, entryways and steps to the more advanced lighting features that show off your foliage and hardscape in an attractive and alluring manner, there is no limit to what Budget Lightscapes can achieve in your outdoor space.

With a few strategically placed lights and creative inspiration, Budget Lightscapes can develop your yard into the chic and inviting space that would arrest the attention of your guests and render your family delighted! Our expert lighting will bring increased security to your property as well. With no reason to hesitate now, call (216) 406-1900 to get your landscape illuminated perfectly with Budget Lightscapes.

Landscape Lighting Company in Westlake

Budget Lightscapes is Westlake's number one choice for landscape lighting contractors. Just one look at our gallery and you will be able to see the amount of beauty our landscape lighting can add to any property, yours included. We have been providing beautiful landscape lighting in Westlake for years now, which has resulted in a deep knowledge of lighting design, installation, and repairs. If you are looking for a landscape lighting contractor who offers top-of-the-line customer service and excellent results at competitive rates, we are the company for you.

If you are thinking about having landscape lighting installed, get in touch with our team of landscape lighting pros today. We'll provide you with a quote or help you book a consultation at your earliest convenience.


Book a Landscape Lighting Consultation

When you call us with a plan, the first thing that we want to do is book a consultation. If you just have a few questions about getting lights installed, we can easily start you off with a quote. If you are set on your plans, we would like to book a meeting with you where we can go into the project more deeply. We are happy to meet with you in whatever way works best. In-person, over the phone, or virtually- we don't mind.

During this initial conversation, we will work together to go over the entire scope of the project, work out a schedule, and find a realistic budget for the project. We will go through every step of the process in detail so you'll know what to expect come installation day. We are also dedicated to providing expert, timely services during the installation process and will be by your side should you need any repairs down the line.

Professional Landscape Lighting

The top reason to choose our team for your landscape lighting project is our unwavering dedication to the craft. Understanding the different ways that lighting can affect the look of your property is no simple process. It has taken us years to get to the level of high-quality service that we now consistently provide. Our landscape lighting will be installed in such a way that it improves the look of your property—and does so for years to come.

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Landscape Lighting Benefits

Simply put, nicely placed landscape lighting can drastically improve the look of your property. When it's done right, it adds a certain elegance to the property that is noticed by all but is not ostentatious. Landscape lighting makes your property look beautiful for all nightly passersby, and if you are someone who entertains quite often, these lights add the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering.

Beyond the superficial, the benefits of landscape lighting go as far as providing your property with extra night-time security. Your well-lit home will repel any would-be burglars for fear of being seen.

Get in touch with our team of landscape lighting pros for any further inquiries.

Budget Lightscapes: Westlake's Number One Landscape Lighting Company

If you are looking for a landscape company that specializes in lighting design, installation, and other related services, look no further. Budget Lightscapes is Westlake’s most sought-after landscape lighting team. For years, we have provided unparalleled service to our community members. Whether you are looking to install lighting for security purposes or to add some decorative flourishes to your backyard dining area, we can help you.

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Our Lighting Company Lights the Way

Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of backyard and landscape lighting. We’ve risen the ranks by providing clients with endless lighting options, such as low-intensity porch lighting and pool or fountain lighting—but that’s not all we provide. With our service, you also get a customer experience like no other.

Let us shed some light on our finer qualities for you. With our services, you can always expect:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Swift turnarounds on lighting repairs and installations
  • Customized lighting plans
  • Helpful and informative contractors
  • Competitively priced services
  • And more

With our help, your landscape will never fail to provide safety and security for its residences and people passing through. What’s more, the property will look amazing all day and all night. What could be better than that? Call us today to learn more.

Customize Your Outdoor Lights

Are you looking to add lights to your property for your own enjoyment, for security reasons, or to boost market value? Whatever you need, we can provide it. We offer a diverse variety of lighting solutions, and we offer them for an incredible rate.

Some of our most requested lighting options include:

  • Path lighting
  • Up and Silhouette lighting
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • And more

There are so many ways to enhance and illuminate your outdoor space and drive-up curb appeal, on-site security, and property value all at once. We invite you to explore our website gallery to see just a few examples of our handiwork.

Meet with a Landscape Lighting Designer

It can be challenging to see your yard in a new light. That’s why we like to offer our prospective clients the chance to meet with our team obligation-free. If you’re considering investing in your outdoor space, meet with one of our landscaping lighting designers risk-free. At your convenience, we’ll come to your location to survey your space firsthand. We’ll bring along a sampling of our portfolio and a few products to give you a taste of the possibilities.

We have an uncanny ability to capture our clients’ vision into actionable landscape designs. Based on our conversation with you, we’ll develop a concept design that achieves your goals and matches your budget. We’ll also lay out our costs clearly for your consideration in a service estimate.

Top-Tier Landscape Lighting Service

Budget Lightscapes operates on combining a customer-centric approach coupled with ensuring high standards. We deal with every customer infusing integrity and respect into our conversations, and we work to ensure your experience meets your expectations. When you work with us, you can expect our skilled experts to walk you through the process of choosing the best lighting system for your property. It's our goal to ensure we're clear on the specifications of the project as well as the pricing, making your experience nothing short of satisfying. Whether you have a question for us or a concern you'd like to address, you can count on us to give you the attention you deserve. It is our belief that every customer matters, and we will never complete a project without knowing our customer is happy with the results.

We're Driven by Results

At Budget Lightscapes, we understand that your vision matters when it comes to your property. It's our unwavering goal to make sure we produce results that match your vision, and this goal never leaves our sight. Our skilled landscapers will take the time to listen to your needs, and with that information, they will customize a project that combines your vision with high-quality standards. When you leave your outdoor lighting installation to the experts, you can expect nothing short of perfection.

When you choose to work with Budget Lightscapes, you choose to invest in your property that pays dividends in the form of unmatched curb appeal and high-efficient lights. At the end of the day, we want to help brighten up your property without costing you money down the road, and we will work with you to achieve that goal.

Landscaping Company You Can Trust

When you work with Budget Lightscapes, you will have an experience like no other. Every member of our team has a wide range of expertise when it comes to landscaping. They’re all experts in landscape lighting installation and repair, and we ensure they're continuously updated on new trends and technology. When it comes to technology, you always want to ensure you're using the most up-to-date products because they are generally designed to be more efficient. You won't have issues deciding between some of the highest quality outdoor lights when you work with us because that is all we have to offer. It's our goal to ensure you pay for quality products that are designed with longevity, durability, and cost savings in mind.

During your consultation with one of our friendly landscapers, they will walk you through the types of lighting systems we deal with, what the installation project will look like, the cost of the service, and how to maintain your new lights for long-lasting results. And when the project is complete, they will invite you to contact us in the future in the event you need help with maintenance and repairs. Our relationship doesn't need to end when the installation is complete. We're a full-service landscape lighting company, and we're always available to answer any questions you have down the road.

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Secure Your Property with Landscape Lights

Landscape lighting does more than improve the aesthetic appearance of your property. Landscape lights and motion-detecting lights ward off curious wildlife, for starters. These lights will also ensure that any activity within the perimeter doesn’t go unseen.

At our company, we thoughtfully and strategically prepare security lighting designs for maximum property coverage. With years of industry know-how behind us, we’re well-versed in the industry’s best practices. For instance, our first order of business is to light a property’s entryways. Well-lit doorways and windows serve the dual purpose of deterring trespassers and facilitating safe access for property owners. Secondly, we typically recommend lighting up the home’s street address. That way, if an emergency arises, anyone will be able to relay your location quickly, even at night.

Deter crime. Increase at-home convenience. Security lighting is the best of both worlds. Chat with our staff about your security lighting options today.

Fast Turnarounds on Lighting Installations

Installing your new landscape lighting is a breeze when you partner with our crew. You can choose to be present on-site or not—we leave that choice up to you. Our mission is to offer as much flexibility as we can either way. We’ll book your installation appointment when it suits you best. Plus, we’ll work discreetly, efficiently, and tidily to pose minimal disruption from beginning to end.

We’ve learned how to work quickly without having to sacrifice any quality or skip any steps. Rest assured, we always finish our work in a timely fashion. We wouldn’t settle for anything less, so should we expect our wonderful clients to?

When we’ve carefully screwed every bulb in place, we’ll give you a quick tour of the land and show you how to operate each new feature. After that, all you’ll have to do is flick the switch on or off.

Our Lighting Contractors Handle the Repairs

If a weather event disrupts your lighting system, we want you to know you can call us. When you request our services once, you become a preferred client for life. We are always available for inspections, follow-ups, and repairs.

Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting

We know that energy-efficiency is important to our clientele. It’s important to us, too. We go to great lengths to source high-performance LED bulbs and other Energy-Star rated products so that our clients reap energy savings all night long.

Other market-leading products that we offer include motion- and heat-activated lights. These products turn on exclusively when they sense movement or heat from a foreign object. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’re not spending a penny more than you have to on power.

You’d be surprised at how little it costs to power a complete landscape light show year-round. Consult with us to learn how to slash your landscape’s energy consumption with energy-efficient products and practices.

The Best Landscape Lighting for Your Unique Property

Our intelligent and creative approach to outdoor lighting ensures that our clients always get amazing results. We will work with your ideas while providing our professional input to settle on a design that truly compliments your property. Don’t make any compromises with your design and hire landscape lighting contractors that are committed to their craft.

Highlight Your Home with Exterior Lighting

Why limit your curb appeal to the daytime? Our professional lighting designs bring out the best of your landscape and make it look amazing well into the evening. If you want to keep your property looking inviting at all times, then you really can’t go wrong with investing in our services. Schedule a consultation with us today and get a feel for what is possible with your property.

Experienced Landscape Lighting Contractors

With numerous landscape lighting projects under our belts, Budget Lightscapes is a name you can trust with your property. We bring a great deal of expertise to every project that we work on, so you will always benefit from our time in the industry. When it comes to investing in new lights for your landscape, go with a company that has already demonstrated its abilities many times before.

High-Quality Landscape Lights

One of the ways that we ensure exceptional results with all of our work is by using premium lights for all of our installations. Whenever you invest in lights with our company, you can rest assured that they will provide vibrant light and last for many years. If you have any questions about the types of landscape lights that we work with, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Great Rates on Landscape Lighting

Getting a professional lighting design for your landscape is more affordable than you may think. We proudly provide our top-notch work at budget-friendly prices, so you can enhance your property without breaking the bank. We will be happy to tell you more about our rates over the phone or during your consultation with our contractors.

Landscape Lighting Contractors Who Accommodate Your Schedule

As part of our ongoing effort to cater to our clients, we work hard to ensure we work around their schedules. No matter what time makes sense for you to have us come to your property for the installation project, you can count on us to be there on time and complete the work efficiently. Take advantage of our simple schedule process by reaching out to us today.

See What Our Lighting Contractors Can Do for You

If you would like to get a better idea of what our company is capable of, then we encourage you to check out our gallery. Here you find many examples from past projects that we believe are an accurate representation of our services. We hope that our gallery will get you inspired about working with our company, and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about what you see.

Request Our Landscape Lighting Team Today

When it comes to the installation and servicing of outdoor light systems, there are few teams are considerate and qualified as us. As licensed electrical contractors with a knack for improving the appearance of landscapes, we are your one-stop-shop for all things related to outdoor lighting.

Call us today at (216) 406-1900 to speak to one of our representatives. We cannot wait to hear from you.